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Project Scope: The nuance of an image, the delight of an unfamiliar taste, the memory of a familiar sound, the gentle caress of a soft fabric, the associations of an ancient smell—these are the cues which form indelible imprints on our emotional memories. Sensory experiences are immediate, powerful, and capable of changing our lives profoundly, but they are not used to their full extent in branding initiatives at the store level, in product development, packaging design, and advertising. Sensory elements can be the key factors distinguishing one brand experience from another. Many products project important nonverbal cues that must be seen, heard, tasted, felt, or smelled to be appreciated. Let’s document and analyze all five senses, and develop a framework of concepts that would tie individual senses all together. It’s about concept and form and how this thing will look, feel, taste, smell, sound, or whatever it will take to get the ideas across. Objective:
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