Ch4SlidesandNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. explain what firm rsources and capabiliti6 are 2 undertake a basic SWOT analysis of the value chain to decide whelher to keep an activity in-house oT outsource 3- analyze the value, rarity, imitability, and organizational aspects of resourc6 and capabiliti6 4- participate in two l€ding debates on crossborder Gpabiliti6 and offshoring 5 draw for action SWOT Analysis 5W = strengths and Weaknesses Internal assessrnent of the organiation leading to managernent decislons OT = Opportunities and Threats External assessment of the buslness environrnent to ldentify the uncontrollable events that might impact nEnagenEnt decisions Resources and Qapabilities R.esourc€s (or capabilities) - The tanglble and intangible assets a firm uses to choo6e and lmplement its stftrtegi€s. lities - Assets that are bilitie.s - Assets that or sometimes * \xn's -,\l'p.X1.5o"- aL!i!:r r, se'n3:e tnGrrLrcn,+ lif nolr.r ca i nr,=1i.r:1 Lq-,tt'of...
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Ch4SlidesandNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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