HdOut-WidelyUsedETFs2ndhalf - lk U.S Stock rr'.,.[7 Es...

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lk rr'.,,.[7 E€s Widelv -Used ETFs U.S Stock V t^a : t- b 6 Wocqp iShares iShares iShares i lhfes iShares iShares iShares ' s&p500 s&p400 s&P600 RU1000 RU2000 RU3000 sP100 G IVW IJK - IWF IWO B WV IJH IJR IWB IWM IWV OEF V IVE IJJ - IWD IWN Intemationa[fu orld Stock VEU Vanguard FTSE All , EFA iShares MS EAFE 6g*Sln$ prna iShares Yl9t,?f:1 --, ,,- Misc. Stock - U.S. SPY SPDRS S&P 5OO MGC Vanguard Mega Cap 300 VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market RSP Rydex SP Equal Wt. VTV Van. Value VUG Van. Growth VIG Van. Div. App. DVY iShares DJ Sel Div. XLF SPDR Fncl Sel Sct VEU Vanguard All-World. EX-US VWO Vanguard Emerging Market FXI iShares China EWZ iShares MSCI Brazil VT Vanguard Total World Stock lndex (ex.us) I00 'A 4li{'@'4'^' ffis {l4+,ge
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Van. Total Bond Market iShares. TIP Bond Fd iShares Barclays Agg. Bd. iShares iBoxx Fd (Investment Grade) iShares iBoxx HY Corp. Real Estate VNQ Vanguard REIT IYR iShares DJ USRE ICF iShares Cohen Steers commoditf ia5 GSG iShares SP GSCI Commodity IGE iShares SP NAN Resources
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ry ^inrv 'Iw-ry ETF Analyst Favorites iliiorningstarEi-i:investor Novenrber2009 Theseareourfavoritelong-termportfoliobuilders Theirselectionhasnothingtodowiththeircurrentvaluations Rather.webaseourselectiononanETF'sappealasalong-termholding Weconsidersuchfactorsasexpenses,index constructi0n, tax efficiency, and diversification For valuatioff analysis, see the Valuation Update section Fund Name Category Total Rtrn % Averaoe # 0f Assets in Expense YTD 3'Yr Market Cap Holdings Top 10% Eatio% Comments
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HdOut-WidelyUsedETFs2ndhalf - lk U.S Stock rr'.,.[7 Es...

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