The Case of the Spelunkers

The Case of the Spelunkers - The Case of the Spelunkers 4...

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Unformatted text preview: The Case of the Spelunkers 4 best friends, all of whom were males, decided to go on an adventure excursion for the weekend. Two of the men, Greg and John, were married; the other two, Paul and Peter, were single. Paul has a child by a previous marriage. Peter is an ordained minister, Greg is independently wealthy from his parent’s trust fund, John is an EBay executive, and Paul is unemployed. The four men had initially decided to go mountain climbing, but on route, changed their plans and decided to go cave exploring (spelunking) in the Providence Mountain State recreation area (remotely situated in California). At the close of the first long day of cave exploring, the men were deep in a remote cavern preparing to camp in a “cave cathedral” when they heard, in the distant recesses of the cave (near the entrance), a loud cracking sound. loud cracking sound....
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