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124.9-10 Health Effects.stud - Effects of Disordered Eating...

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Effects of Disordered Eating on Health Outline 0. Think organ systems 1. Metabolic changes 2. Refeeding syndrome 3. Compensatory strategies Starvation or Semi-starvation 4. Loss of lean mass 5. Decrease in metabolic rate 6. Loss of bone mineral density 7. High risk for nutrient deficiencies: 0. iron, zinc, vitamin E 8. Glycogen depletion 9. Dehydration Cardiovascular Changes 0. Functional & structural abnormalities even for illnesses of short duration 1. Appear to be reversible w/ early ID and treatment 0. Bradycardia 1. Orthostatic hypotension 0. Systolic 70-90mm common 1. Orthostatic heart rate 2. 2. Results in reduced cardiac output 3. Low voltage 4. Mitral valve prolapse 5. Congestive heart failure Electrolytes 2. Hypokalemia = < 3.5 mmol/kg 6. Bradycardia 7. Cardiac arrhythmia 8. Cardiac arrest 9. Chronic hypokalemia -> renal failure 3. Hyponatremia = <135 mmol/kg 10. Cramping, spasms, dizziness, light-headed, seizures, coma Linear Growth 4. Impaired linear growth 11. More bone growth retardation if pre-menarcheal 5. Complete vs.incomplete catch-up growth 6. D/t:
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12. Low thyroxine (T4) 13. Low triiodothyronine (T3) 14. High cortisol 15. Low sex hormones 16. Changes in GH-IGF axis which impacts longitudinal bone growth Metabolic Rate 0. BMR typically 60-70% total E expenditure 1. E restriction causes decreased BMR 2. Decrease in TEF 3. Decline mainly due to loss in lean tissue 4. Alterations in thyroid activity Endocrine Abnormalities
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124.9-10 Health Effects.stud - Effects of Disordered Eating...

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