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Public_Administration_215syl - Public Administration 215...

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Public Administration 215 Introduction to Public Personnel Management Instructor: Ronald D. Sylvia Class location Clark 243 Office: Clark 404M Office Hours 5 to 6 pm on Thursdays and every other Saturday 3 to 4 pm Office Phone (408) 924-5553 E-mail [email protected] Course Format: The class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on case exercises. Each of you will select a paper topic by the second class session. You will be expected to provide a summary of your preliminary research on your topic when it appears in the course calendar. Students may be called upon by name to address concepts from the readings. Students should take the time and effort to read the materials when they are assigned. Opinions and alternative points of view are welcome but cannot, of themselves, substitute for knowledge of the readings. Regular attendance is expected and will enhance your grade simply because you will have knowledge necessary to pass the test that might not otherwise be available. Please do your fellow students and me the courtesy to turn off cell phones and beepers during class. http://www2.sjsu.edu/depts/PoliSci/faculty/sylvia/sylvia.htm Grading Component Case analyses 21% Take Home Exam 29% Participation/presentations 20% Term Paper 30% CASE STUDIES: We will discuss a number of case studies that appear in the book and are linked on the syllabus at the class website. You must come to class ready to discuss all the cases. You must provide a written analysis of three of them. EXAM: I will give you study questions to prepare for the exams as we go along from topic to topic. They will be directly tied to the lecture/discussion and the texts and will contain no surprises. More credit will be given for analysis and synthesis on the exams than on the mindless listing of facts and dates. The best essay exams address the questions as written and reach some sort of logical conclusion. Make-up Policy: Serious personal illness that can be documented is the only acceptable excuse for not taking exams or presenting papers in a timely fashion. If you are ill, however, you can arrange to take the exam at a later date although you may not anticipate the same questions as your cohorts. Incompletes are discouraged because they slow your academic career and leave loose ends in your and my life. They will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
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Paper: What follows is one professor's view on why you will be given the opportunity to write yet another paper. University educated persons have three advantages in the work world over those who merely have knowledge. 1) They have a commanding knowledge of relevant information on a topic. This characteristic may also be found in the knowledgeable person but the university- educated person's facts are usually more up-to-date and better integrated into his or her world view. 2) They develop skills of analytic thinking not normally possessed by the merely
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Public_Administration_215syl - Public Administration 215...

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