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AfricanAmsoldier - African Americans in the Philippines An...

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African Americans in the Philippines, An Alliance against war and racism. I. Six segregated regiments were sent to fight the Filipinos in 1899. A. Americans were brought into the Spanish American War to fight Spanish tyranny. Battles lasted only 6 months, and treaty was signed between Spain and U.S. December 10, 1898 and Philippines was ceded to U.S. for $20 million. b. Filipinos had been fighting for independence against Spain and when they found out what the true intentions of U.S., fought a war beginning 1899 which lasted officially until 1902. 2. Filipino revolutionaries, aware of the racial discrimination and lynching in the U.S., sought support from African American soldiers, through flyers. (Plessy vs Fergusan, separate but equal law just passed 1896 and rampant lynching in U.S.) 3. About a dozen defected to Filipino side and other mutinyed. PVT David Fagan, 23 year old fought on Philippine army, promoted to rank of captain, was in command of 150 Fililpino forces.
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