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TitleIVE - SAN Jose STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work...

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Unformatted text preview: SAN Jose STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work CALIFORNIA TlTLE lV-E MSW CHILD WELFARE STlPEND PROGRAM WW Please Note: Stipend awards are contingent upon acceptance to the full time MSW Program at SJSU. g General information i'he School of Social Work at San Jose State University participates in the statewide Title lV—E stipend program for MSW students preparing for careers in public child welfare practice. This program was developed through a joint effort at the graduate schools of social work and the 58 county social services agencies in California. The stipend program is sponsored by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC). The program is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services with Title IV—E child welfare training funds. At SJSU the School of Social Work and the SJSU Foundation administer the Program. Nature of the Stige'nd The Title lV-E stipend provides $18,500 per year for two years to students in the full time. MSW program. Students must participate in the program BOTH their first and second years. The stipend requires recipients to work in a public child welfare agency in California for at least two years upon graduation. Eligibilig Criteria and Agpiication and Selection Process To be eligible tor this stipend at SJSU; students must be enrolled in the full time MSW program. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to, and potential for success in, a career in public child Welfare services in California. Those interested in applying for the stipend can obtain an application from the Title lV—E Program office at the School of Social Work (WSQ Hall, Room 215) or online at uniwv.sleuedu/title-leiforms Applicants must then attend an orientation meeting and an in—person interview by the Title lV—E Awards Committee, composed of faculty from the School of Social Work and representatives from county social services agencies. Stipend awards are based on a demonstrated commitment to a career in public child welfare and potential for a successful career in public child welfare services in California, Priority is given to: it) current employees of county child welfare services agencies and California Department of Social Services, {2) applicants who reflect the diverse client population currently being served by public child welfare agencies in California. Program Reguirements . Applicants must agree to work in a public child welfare services agency (CWS) in California for at least 2 lull years upon graduation. . Applicants must undergo prescreening for county employment (including fingerprinting background and criminal record checks) and be found eligible for county employment. . Applicants must have a valid California driver‘s license, use of a car as reguired for fieldwork. and automobile liability insurance. - Applicants must provide proof of U, S. citizenship or legal permanent residency. . Current social services agency employees must be on leave (not receiving pay from the agency) during the academic year, and must have a letter of support from their agency director. Academic Reguirements - Stipend recipients must complete the entire MSW program at SJSU (course and field work) in 2 years, - Stipend recipients must complete course requirements designated for the “Children, Youth and Families" population-at—risk area of study. a Stipend recipients must remain in academic good standing maintain a 3.5% GPA. or better every semester and receive credit for satisfactory performance in the field practice. . Stipend recipients must satisfactorily compiete 2 years of field work: the second year must be in a child welfare program of a county social services agency; the first year will be in a related county or nonprofit program serving tV—E eligible child welfare clients. a Stipend recipients must parthIpate in all Title lV~E seminars, meetings and trainings. o Stipend recipients must attain at least minimum competence in the California Child Welfare Competencies. - It a student is not performing satisfactorily in the program. the University may suspend or terminate the stipend. ...
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