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SUGGESTIONS FOR DEMONSTRATION SPEECH You can set up your speech in various contexts: How to make… How to fix… How to use… How to do… How…works… How…is done, produced or made…. Be a vegetarian Fix a flat tire Print a digital photo or anything with digital cameras Register to vote Read music notes Plant a vegetable garden Build a good web site Make a water-color painting Work productively Organize a closet/desk, whatever To speak a foreign language Write a business letter, whatever Make a genealogical tree Note: For additional ideas, think in terms of general categories/themes. Food/Drink, Household, Sports, Recreation, Health & Beauty, Home Improvement, Decorations, Cars, Government Science, Nature, Culture, Travel, College/Education, Vaccines, Video Games, Training Methods, Woodworking, Writing, Animals, Computers, Technology, Government, Systems Analysis, etc. 1.
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