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EDTE 246 Creating an Effective Learning Environment Management Autobiography Assignment DIRECTIONS In order to understand our students, it is necessary to understand ourselves. This assignment is intended to help you make a very personal connection to your students by connecting back to your own experiences in the K-8 school setting. Please take the following steps to do this activity: Sit calmly and quietly in a place where you are without distractions for about ten minutes (no iPod in the ear either!). Think back on your experiences as a student in K-12. Start with kindergarten and try to take yourself through each school year. Notice what you remember most each year. You may have years when you
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Unformatted text preview: remember nothing – that’s fine, just move on in your thinking. After you have completed your mind journey, identify one school experience, either extremely positive or negative, that remains in your memory because of its lasting imprint on you. Then do the following in a typewritten, double-spaced response: (1-2 pp. typical) 1. Describe the experience in narrative form (tell the story). 2. Analyze the impact it had on you as a learner. 3. Reflect on the possible implications of this experience for you as a teacher. Come to our next class session prepared to share this experience in small groups....
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