Rights - Childrens Rights A. How do children and...

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Children’s Rights A . How do children and adolescents view children’s rights? Atwool, N. (2006). Participation in Decision-making: The Experience of New Zealand Children in Care. Child Care in Practice, 12 (3), 259-267. Barnes, V. (2007). Young people's views of children's rights and advocacy services: A case for 'caring' advocacy?; Child Abuse Review, 16 (3), 140-152 Ben-Arieh, A. & Khoury-Kassabri, M. (2008). Attitudes toward and understanding of children's rights among middle school students in Jerusalem: The role of family values and patterns, nationality, and religion. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 78 (3), 359-368. Campbell, A. (2008). The right to be heard: Australian children's views about their involvement in decision-making following parental separation. Child Care in Practice, 14 (3), Special issue: Improving services for children when parents are separating. 237-255 Daiute, C. (2008). The rights of children, the rights of nations: Developmental theory and the politics of children's rights. Journal of Social Issues, 64 (4), 701-723. Khoury-Kassabri, M. & Ben-Arieh, A. (2008). Adolescents' approach toward children's rights: Comparison among Christian, Jewish, and Muslim children in Jerusalem. Journal of Social Issues, 64( 4), 881-901. Molinari, L. (2001). Social representations of children's rights: The point of view of adolescents.
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Rights - Childrens Rights A. How do children and...

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