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Anthropology 146 – Culture and Conflict Video Guide: The Split Horn 1. Where does this Hmong family live? - In America 2. What is special about the status of the father, in Hmong terms? Hes a shaman. 3. What do the horns signify? They track your souls the human soul. 4. How have the various family members adapted to life in the United States? - Getting a job, 5. What is the most important Hmong ceremony? What does it accomplish? - The ceremony with the chicken. I have no idea. Heal the sick? 6. How do the children maintain (or not) Hmong traditions? - Somewhat. One chick got kidnapped to get married. They do that. Also, when a women gets married, its tradition that they take upon their husbands beliefs. Although the dad opposes one of the daughters being
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Unformatted text preview: Christian. One of the brothers stopped showing up to their traditional rituals. The sons were apparently supposed to follow traditions. Many kids when they find out that their culture is actually kinda hard to follow, they stop and go onto American values. 7. How do the families accept Amber and the new baby? -Ambers a white chick. There were mixed feelings, but they ended up accepting it. They lubb the baby. They take care of the baby while they at school. They really want them to finish school before anything really. The dad on the hmong side did ceremonies for the babeh. 8. In this film, how would you compare American values with Hmong values? a. Shamans vs America. Hella different....
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