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Mid-term 3 - C tt-^ffr^ 1 t,^ AC True OR False il.n-q4 I s5...

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*I* ****;t e'*t'-'}"ut''*L'n '$**i*k' ' tu{l t;d$ r.'4r 'e &,'shl t, t^# *j 25. 26. Sensing i:t,,ft; rlts*-rr^* i)-*k; {:.lA its weioht and L g,@"" C __ Rota-Meters use d irrhf anz{ L*r>A^t le dlas on a floatins object in equilib#um\with-Lqhff}, a^"C to indicate volume flow rate by position t of the float -{oice* . R'*h ctsJ*+ The aY is a phenomenon in which photon energy (i.e. from lightl'iSleases electrons from their otherwise more stable state on a surface 27. 28. 29. A --33. A photoelectric tachometer has 12 equally spaced reflectors on the - disk. If 3qO cycles per second are detected the rpm of the shaft is q€' ' 34. The vdltage 9_yl?lt ftgT anlaT before the signal conditioning is changes in resistance: True OR False? 39. The SI unit of pressure is Vc?*
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Unformatted text preview: C tt!-^ffr^. 1 t ,^ AC: True OR False? il +.n-q4 I s5) The oaoe factor taf6Gr.a'rr?ede exDresses how the strain is \_/r"'atei t-o tne (tle*; Sc""- iej Ll .rt"4 SG , *Jo * 1 '* Jrenteldt-o /{?**lSo."--ri )q tla "4, So,,*.T,* cv*s$",$,^r. 36. A wheatstormJ".ruru tff"u'ap-*r' r F-r^^q ' fr tn-{a 1 'l 37. What is a forr? A ,.*.* e{,. r ",c,u*d.-.oL.n$ --Y'* f}fr'+-*trt*e uLa {=r}rnani gages measure how the resistance of a filament changes \-.4 with temperature in a Wheatstone bridge circuit. The main . application of Pirani sases is for th; #;fT;;i'oi "'-"' F?Q,"- n $ u<ie ert'o -40. A strain rosette is used for measuring $;n*o^tr ,1,1".rr-*.o , ,,tt--{{\ trE (!\ I/ Page 3 M8120 Mid-term ExamA...
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