KIN 69 FINAL - KIN 69.04 Spring 2010 FINAL EXAM This exam...

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KIN 69.04, Spring 2010 FINAL EXAM This exam is not just another hoop to jump through. It’s your chance to consolidate what you learned this semester. Use this exam to find ways of making life easier, more fulfilling, and more fun. Instructions: Choose five (5) of the following 13 essay questions. For each question, write a 1-page, double-spaced essay (350-400 words). Email your exam to [email protected] by 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 25, or deliver a hard copy to the KIN office, SPX 64. (Email is preferred.) *************************************** EXAM QUESTIONS MASLOW’S BASIC NEEDS; BASIC HUMAN FEARS 1. Write about Dawn Staples or Mark Kerr from The Smashing Machine. Discuss the following: Basic needs/basic human fears this person is trying to deal with Methods they use Positive and negative consequences of these methods Techniques from our class that they could use to either (1) meet the same needs with fewer negative results, or (2) change their perception or interpretation of the thing they fear so that it becomes less of a stressor APPROACH VS. AVOIDANCE 2. Write about one of the main characters in Dodgeball (White Goodman or anyone from Average Joe’s Gym). Discuss the following: Is this person primarily an approacher or an avoider? How does this help them meet needs and/or reduce negative stress? How does this prevent them from meeting needs and/or reducing negative stress? What techniques from our class could they use to meet needs and/or reduce
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KIN 69 FINAL - KIN 69.04 Spring 2010 FINAL EXAM This exam...

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