BUS160 Group Project Summary

BUS160 Group Project Summary - From looking at these five,...

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From looking at these five, distinct, companies we have been able to observe the way in which organizational culture has influenced each company and its operations. After interviewing each of the four companies we were able to see that organizational culture goes beyond the type of workplace or perks the company offers to its employees. By asking the interviewees to rank their company on risk taking, innovation, outcome orientation, attention to detail, people orientation, aggressiveness, team orientation, and stability we were able to better exam their cultures. CEO of James J. Boyle, Edward Inouye, explained how they’ve had forty five years to develop their culture and the importance they have placed on it. We also saw how once the company separated into different cities the cultures of each began to develop their own subcultures. They still have maintained a very traditional culture with little room for change. Overall, however, they feel that they maintain a similar culture within each city and they feel proud of it, believing that it’s what keeps the company going strong after so many years. After interviewing Mr. Inouye we were able to observe how he believes that key to their culture success lies within the Asian background of the company. By focusing on quality rather than quantity Mr. Inouye believes that they could outmatch each of their competitors. At James J.
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BUS160 Group Project Summary - From looking at these five,...

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