AAS 33B Spring 2010 4-19 Study Questions

AAS 33B Spring 2010 4-19 Study Questions - like the U.S...

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AAS 33A (4/19/10) Spring 2010 Reading guide for Greenberg, Chaps. 5-7 Chap. 5: 1) What does the case study of the Vietnam War illustrate about public opinion? 2) What is the role of public opinion in a democracy? 3) What influences presidential popularity? Chap. 6: 1) How have blogs influenced politics? 2) How is the media organized regarding ownership? 3) How are the media essential to the functioning of democracy in a large, modern nation
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Unformatted text preview: like the U.S.? Chap. 7 1) What is an interest group and what is its purpose? 2) What is the difference between the inside game and the outside game in interest group politics? 3) What are political action committees (PAC) and iron triangles? 4) According to Greenberg, of private and public interest groups, which one is the most influential and for what reasons?...
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