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Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr. Brooke Lustig Assignment: Job Application with Cover Letter and Resume Find or make up an advertisement for a job as a chemist (or other appropriate area of science or engineering, consistent with your degree and qualifications). Submit the following in order (no staples but with paper clip ): 1. Cover Letter (in-class assignment on Mar. 2). Note: Write only during class (see Career Center Handout and comments pertaining to Cover Letter format). No floppy, CD, DVD, flash drives, other storage devices or computer files are to be used in class without instructor permission. You may use only the PC word processor tools (e.g. Word spelling or Word grammar), where online dictionaries or other sites are not allowed. And you may use notes only if they are turned in with your assignment (you are always responsible for fasteners). Remember notes are not items you transcribe for the actual assignment. 2. Final Resume (have final version printed out before class time Mar. 2). Note: Resume should be tailored for the particular job to be indicated in the Cover Letter.
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