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Peer Editing Worksheet: Research Paper Writer:____________________________________ Reviewer:_________________________________ for the writer: 1. What is the thesis? (Remember that it should be an arguable statement, a claim with reasons.) 2. What is your audience and purpose? (be as specific as possible) 3. What in particular do you want the reviewer to check? _______________________________________________________________________ For the reviewer: Write answers on the back of this sheet if necessary. 1. How is the format, title? Is there a “hook” in the title and/or introductory paragraph that will draw in the target readers? 2. Does the opening section (not necessarily the first paragraph) contain an overview of the topic? ____ Does it orient the reader toward the issue in its current context? ____ Does it look like the writer has focused the topic narrowly enough to deal with it adequately in 3-4 pages? _____ 3. Is the thesis clear, adequate, and supported by the data and arguments provided?
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