Parliamentary Debate - from the opposition, but can ignore...

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Parliamentary Debate You and three other classmates will present a parliamentary debate to the class. You will team up with a partner and be either Government (affirmative) or the Opposition. Within your group you must decide who will be the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Member of Government and Member of the Opposition. You are responsible for knowing your role and responsibilities in the debate. It is recommended that you share research and discuss ideas with both your partner and the members of your group who are on the opposition. There will be no special points awarded to one of you as a winner. There is no incentive not to help each other, however each student is expected to present a speech that is their own work. During the debate each side must raise and respond to at least 2 points of contention. You may raise these points after the first minute of your oppositions constructive. When you are the speaker you will have to respond to at least one question
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Unformatted text preview: from the opposition, but can ignore other points of contention raised. You will be graded on how well you fulfill your role in the debate, your delivery skills, argument development and how well you respond to your opponent’s points of contention. The topic your group chooses must be one that can be researched and has enough information for each member of the group to speak on. You must quote outside evidence in your speech. You, individually, should quote from a minimum of three different sources and can use note cards as well as your any notes you take during the debate. You are asked to turn in an outline for your role in the debate. Also you will also be responsible for coming to class on non-speaking days and doing peer evaluations. 4-6 minute speech 3 evidence sources minimum 1 outline of your constructive speech (per person) peer critiques...
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Parliamentary Debate - from the opposition, but can ignore...

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