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Final project guidelines - (2) How you responded physically...

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KIN 69, Spring 09 Final Writing Project: Stress Log This project should help you learn more about your positive and negative stressors. It should also give you some insight into how you manage these stressors now, and how to manage them more effectively using techniques from this semester. Students often say that this project is the most effective project we do all semester. So please try to really follow the instructions below. Phase 1: Data-gathering (you don’t have to turn this part in, but you’re more than welcome to, if you wish; everything I read will be kept 100% confidential) For seven (7) days of your choice (they don’t need to be consecutive; they do need to include 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days) you will record: (1) Routine and unique stressors you encounter during that week. For example, getting to school/work on time every day is often a routine stressor, whether you drive, take public transportation, ride a bike, skateboard, etc. Crashing your car, bike or board is (I hope) a unique stressor.
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Unformatted text preview: (2) How you responded physically to each stressor (your physiological stress response) (3) How you responded psychologically and emotionally to each stressor (4) How you coped with each stressor (what relaxation techniques and/or coping strategies you used, if any) Phase 2: Stress log (THIS IS WHAT YOULL TURN IN) Write a 2-3 page summary of what you notice about your 7 days of records, including: (1) Patterns of stressors, if any (2) Patterns of your responses, if any (3) Relaxation techniques, coping strategies, and/or university resources you used, if any (4) Ways to manage these stressors more effectively in the future, including relaxation techniques, coping strategies, university resources, community resources, or anything else you can think of Due dates: Section 4: Thursday May 7 (as part of your personal stress management manual) Section 1: Monday May 11 (as part of your personal stress management manual)...
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Final project guidelines - (2) How you responded physically...

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