policy paper - 195 - ChAD 195 Senior Seminar Policy Paper...

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ChAD 195 Senior Seminar Policy Paper Instructions Total Points for the Paper = 85 Reminders from the green sheet/syllabus: You must use APA format and you must attach the graded copy of the paper preparation assignment and a blank copy of the rubric. A hardcopy of your paper must be turned in by the due date. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the paper, you should: Make an appointment to talk with me Send me an email Call me or see me before/after class The paper must be 12 pages long (title page, reference pages do not count). The paper requires a minimum of 12 references. Use a reasonable 12-point font (Times, Times new Roman, Palatino) and one-inch margins. An Abstract is not required. Do not submit the paper in a folder, binder, slip cover, etc. Format/Content of Written Policy Paper Step 1 – Overview of the assignment: Pick one of the child friendly city components to focus on (see the separate PDF on my web-page). You will be preparing a document to take to the San Jose City Council and Mayor to show why your particular component needs to be created and how it can be created in the city. Introduction to Paper Begin with an introductory paragraph that lays out the format and direction of the entire paper Statement of topic studied (the policy to be addressed). Define important terms Discussion of the importance of the topic in the context of child development research Background/Statistics Related to Why this Policy is Necessary: Prepare an initial State of the City’s Children Report: Use social indicators (e.g., % of children in poverty, % of children in poor performing schools) from the many different social indicator data bases (e.g., Kids Count, Trends in Well-Being of America’s Children and Youth) listed in the Brown and Moore (2005) article in your reader to provide data/information for the initial report. (That is, use these statistics to justify the need for this program/initiative). Research Based Rationale for the Policy:
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policy paper - 195 - ChAD 195 Senior Seminar Policy Paper...

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