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Ling 122: English as a World Language Final Exam Study Guide Spring 2010 I. Terminology: Be prepared to define and either give examples of or state the significant of terms such as the following, in no more than three sentences each . first language mother tongue official language second languageforeign language lingua franca ESL EFL Foreigner talk language attitudes register global language language death first diaspora second diaspora pidgin creole decreolization implicature speech acts positive face negative face adjacency pair Old English Middle English Modern English inner circle outer circle expanding circle language shift language shock repair turn relevance point back-channeling politeness principle academic register non-standard dialects accent phonology morphology syntax lexicon pragmatics standard English vernacular schema intelligibility comprehensibility interpretability nativization borrowings loan translations semantic shift neologism codification lexicography
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Unformatted text preview: rhetorical strategies floor language contact societal bilingualism individual bilingualism dominant bilingual recessive bilingual elective bilingual circumstantial bilingual language policy language planning corpus planning status planning acquisition planning Lao vs. Nichols language attrition conceptual information conversational maxim indexical information transitional bilingual education maintenance bilingual education enrichment bilingual education two-way immersion bilingual education first language maintenance Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills accommodation theory Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency interactional-management information principle of linguistic subordination cooperative principle subtractive bilingualism additive bilingualism linguistic landscapes II. Questions: In coherent essays, be able to address the GELOs 1-3 and the CLOs 1-6 from the course syllabus....
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