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Loading AFM data processing software - You will probably...

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MATE145- Fall 2009 September 2, 2009 Loading AFM data processing software “Gwyddion” in your computer Note: You will have to download a Image Processing before the second session. This imaging software will give you the possibility to interpret your results in your environment and is free! Procedure: Google “Gwyddion download” Choose “Stable version 2.16” See “User’s guide” for installation. Note: I can only comment about the Window XP that I am using on all my systems; If you have MS Windows
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Unformatted text preview: You will probably need to install Gtk+ runtime environment prior to Gwyddion installation. They recommend GladeWin32 Gtk+ runtime environment . See the “User’s guide” for procedure. If the Gtk+ is already installed follow the following procedure: Win32 installer: Gwyddion-2.16.exe Click on the installer Source forge will appear under the “Gwyddion” page Click on “Download Now” and follow on-line instructions. Click “Run”, do not “Save” when asked....
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