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Soci 174 Essay 2 - In what ways may our current depictions...

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Sociology 174 Essay #2 Spring 2010 D’Emilio and Freedman talk about the “commercialization of sex and the sexualization of commerce” which began to occur in greater depth in the 1960’s. Currently, there are many examples we can point to in the media (including the print media [such as magazines], television, movies, and the internet) that illustrate these concepts. Additionally, Martha Nussbaum discusses the dynamics of objectification in society in general. She also links this discussion to pornography in our society (in chapters 8 and 9). In a 3 to 4 page essay, describe how Nussbaum’s discussion of objectification can be related to the sexualization of commerce and commercialization of sex (you will need to describe what D’Emilio and Freedman mean by this).
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Unformatted text preview: In what ways may our current depictions and uses of sex and sexuality in media be objectifying for certain groups in the population? How might the concept of patriarchy be described in relation to this? In what ways might this be harmful to certain groups within society, as well as society at large? What examples can you provide in order to illustrate your points? For this assignment, you will need to use at least two quotes from each text (Nussbaum and D’Emilio/Freedman). This will help you to strengthen your argument. Remember, there aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers, just more thoughtful and less thoughtful ones. Make yours thoughtful! This assignment is due on Monday, April 12th...
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