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Chapter25kj - awareness 8 The individual minimizes sensory...

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25. Autogenic Training “Open your mind to the power of self-suggestion.” —Johannes Schultz An Historical Perspective of Autogenic Training 0. The creation of Johannes Schultz and Wolfgang Luthe in 1932 1. Based on the concept of selective awareness through autosuggestion 2. Selective awareness means deliberately focusing on certain specific stimuli while tuning out others 3. Examples? Autogenic Training Is… 4. A relaxation technique that uses mental exercises to bring about the sensations of heaviness and warmth in the limbs 0. Uses relaxing images to expand physical relaxation to the mind Autogenic training is most effective when: 5. The individual is highly motivated and receptive to instructions and suggestions. 6. The individual positions him or herself comfortably. 7. The individual maintains a strong sense of concentration and body
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Unformatted text preview: awareness. 8. The individual minimizes sensory reception. 9. The individual focuses on internal physiological processes. Physiological Benefits of Autogenic Training 0. Decrease in heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tension, and serum cholesterol. 1. Increase in alpha brain waves and blood flow to the arms and legs. 2. Helps people with migraines, hypertension, and insomnia. 3. May also help with other ailments such as asthma, diabetes, ulcers, and back pain. Six Initial Stages of Autogenic Training a. Heaviness in the arms and legs b. Warmth in the arms and legs c. Heartbeat d. Respiration (deep and slow) e. Warmth in the solar plexus and abdomen f. Coolness in the forehead 4. May be done seated or lying down (so, can be done almost anywhere)...
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Chapter25kj - awareness 8 The individual minimizes sensory...

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