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Aesthetics of Early India from Anderson Calliope's Sisters I Upanishads; ultimate reality takes the form of Brahman, the Absolute - pure consciousness, pure bliss: the world of the senses is unreal; the goal of life is transcendence of the material world through ritual, self-control, meditation; ultimate merging with Brahman. 1. "Religion provided the subject matter for most Indian art, much of which was narrative": painting and sculpture of minimal importance compared to dramatic poetry, music, and architecture, art should have a dimension of time. 2. Brahmin philosophers asked: "Is art a part of the Absolute (or Brahman) or is it a component of the mundane, illusory world of the senses?" and "How can art have such a strong affect on human consciousness?" II Ntyasstra: 3rd century A.D. by Bharata 1. "Without rasa no dramatic device is of any importance." 2. Origin of art: Brahman says he will create a fifth Veda for all people, called "drama" out of past stories: will lead to righteousness, material gain, fame. 3. Art as instruction: Vedas portray humans as existing in greater or lesser states of imperfection. a. "moral betterment": successful pursuit of the purasarthas the four proper goals of life: righteousness, emancipation, material prosperity, enjoyment of refined pleasures III Abhinavagupta (Abhinava) A Works: Abhinava bharati
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Coomeraswamy_Indian_Aesthetics - Aesthetics of Early India...

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