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Retrospective Miscue Analysis We’re going to open up your book to the place you were reading last time. After listening to lines 102-103— T: What did you do there? S: I sounded out the word. T: You did and did the word you sounded out make sense? What you did actually when you sounded out was say con- tan. If you had said contanner would that have made sense? S: No T: Tell me about that. How did you know to switch it to container? S: I sounded out the word. I said contanner and that did make sense so I changed it to container. T: Exactly, that was really, really smart. You noticed it didn’t make any sense. That’s something all readers do. They don’t just sound out words but they try to make words make sense. After listening to lines 107—if the factor are right, changed to if the factors are right T: So what happened right there? S: I fixed it? T: Why did you fix it? What was your brain is saying to you? S:
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Retrospective_Miscue_Analysis - Retrospective Miscue...

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