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Survey07 - 9 Why do we need phase contrast 10.What is...

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125:431 Introduction to Optical Imaging Spring 2007 SURVEY FOR REVIEWING CLASS OBJECTIVES. Please turn in your answers in class on Jan 30, 2007 Please answer the following sentences with only a few sentences per question and based on your current knowledge , i.e. you do not need to look anything up!! Please note that this is not a homework. 1. How can we generate light of different colors? 2. What is the difference between laser light and sunlight? 3. What do we measure when we detect light? 4. Name ten possible individual elements/devices that can be used in optical imaging systems. 5. Why do we have to worry about aligning optical beams in optical imaging? 6. What is the limit of resolution of a light microscope? 7. Why is resolution limited in optical imaging? 8. What does “phase contrast” refer to in “phase contrast microscopy”?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Why do we need phase contrast? 10.What is birefringence? 11.What is it that interferes in “differential interference contrast (DIC)” microscopy? 12.What is the source of image contrast in DIC microscopy? 13.Indicate 4 potential sources of contrast that can be used to image unstained biological tissue. 14.What is “confocal microscopy”? 1 15.What is “optical coherence tomography”? 16.Describe three ways by which one can generate “optical sections” in an optical imaging system. 17.Design an experiment to track in real time the translocation of a protein from the cytoplasm to the mitochondria. 18.What does diffuse refer to in “diffuse optical tomography”? 19.What is the current resolution and penetration depth of in vivo diffuse optical tomography? 2...
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