EC F09 - F09 Extra Credit 12/25/2009 EXTRA CREDIT...

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F09 Extra Credit 12/25/2009 EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES for HUMAN SEXUALITY, FALL 09, MUKHOPADHYAY Revised 11-1609 While extra credit is definitely not necessary in this course, there are circumstances under which it might be useful: 1) to raise your scores on exams, especially if you have difficulty with multiple choice tests, or you “blew it” on the first exam 2) if your calculations show you are close to a higher grade and a few extra points might help 3) if you find the activities interesting [!] and who knows, you might be able to use the extra points to get an A or A+ rather than an A-! MAXIMUM SEMESTER EXTRA CREDIT: 3 points [unless special permission from me] TYPES OF ACTIVITIES Overall, extra credit will come from doing and reflecting, in writing, on how the activity relates to this class. The type of “doing” will include I. ACTIVITIES 1. Attending relevant on-campus or outside events, viewing a relevant film, . These activities will count ½ point each. I will designate which events will be eligible although you can suggest activities/events to me. 2. Doing any of the following mini-ethnographic activities including: ONE POINT EACH a. Speculum 1 pt. : visit Long’s or equivalent business and find out whether they carry speculum and if not, why not, and whether they can order them. You will
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EC F09 - F09 Extra Credit 12/25/2009 EXTRA CREDIT...

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