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MAS Bibliography - Press 1966 W Dirk Ratt Mexico From...

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Pedro Martinez MAS10 Bibliography Colin M. MacLachlan, Jaime E. Rodriguez, The Forging of the Cosmic Race , Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, University of California Press Ltd., 1980. Meyer & Sherman, The Course of Mexican History , Oxford University, Oxford University Press, inc., 1979, 1983, 1987. Hugh M. Hamill, Jr., The Hidalgo Revolt , Gainesville, Florida, University of Florida
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Unformatted text preview: Press, 1966. W. Dirk Ratt, Mexico From Independence to Revolution , Nebraska, University of Nebraska Press, 1982. Guedea, Virginia, The Process of Mexican Independence. The American Historical Review 105.1 (2000): 46 pars. 24 Oct. 2005 <http://historycooperative.press.uiuc.edu/journals/ahr/105.1/ah000116.html>....
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