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Abortion rewrite - human until the moment of birth making...

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English 100wb Prof. Hessler 10/06/2008 Abortion The current laws in the US regarding abortion derived from an age-old debate. Many philosophers, religions, and countries had conflicting and different views on when abortion is ethical based mainly on the time that the fetus or child is considered living. Plato claimed that women over forty that become pregnant should have abortions, for they were too old to have a healthy child. Hippocrates, Plato’s predecessor, believed the soul was created at the moment of conception, and therefore did not believe in abortion. In Rome the law said that the fetus was not
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Unformatted text preview: human until the moment of birth, making them pro-abortion. The Christian belief was very controversial to Roman belief as Christians felt that any type of abortion was “murder in advance”, agreeing with Hippocrates. It was not until centuries after all these beliefs that the English introduced their idea of quickening: the belief that a fetus is presumed living once the mother feels the movement of the baby. This idea of quickening was adopted by the US and is the law today....
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