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EDTE 190, Spring 2006, Thurs. 4:00-6:45pm p. 1 San Jose State University EDTE 190 Health Education for the Classroom Teacher, Section 1 Spring 2010, Mondays 7:00-9:45 p.m. Instructor Karen Epstein. Phone (650) 345-2732 E-mail [email protected] Office Hours Before class and by appointment, SH 318 SJSU College of Education Mission Statement : The mission of the College of Education at San Jose State University is to prepare educators who have the knowledge, skills, dispositions and ethics that ensure equity and excellence for all students in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, global community. Course Description : EDTE 190 provides an introduction to the health subject matter and skills necessary for teachers to meet their legal and professional responsibilities to protect and promote students ʼ health and safety by: (a) identifying, referring and supporting students who may be at risk of health problems, (b) providing health instruction and/or integrating health content and skill development with instruction in other academic areas, (c) creating a safe and healthy environment for learning, and (d) participating in coordinated school health programs. In EDTE 190 credential candidates determine the health risk behaviors, internal and external assets, and risk and protective factors influencing the health of California youth. They review the health and safety challenges facing educators and the research base for health education and school health programs and services. The teachers ʼ role and relationship with students is a lens for inquiry into health education instructional content and pedagogy, and the safe and healthy learning environment via case studies, problem solving and instruction. Abstract ideas (e.g., health, disease, risk, prevention) are personalized and made practical through examination of specific school health situations. Similarly, youth health issues (e.g., obesity, inactivity, substance abuse, violence, sexual activity) are examined, compared and contrasted to more fully develop credential candidates ʼ health education knowledge and skills. EDTE 190 fulfills the health requirements for Subject Matter Programs and Professional Teacher Preparation Programs adopted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (2001): Standard 5: Effective Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Practices Standard 8-A: Pedagogical Preparation for Multiple-Subject Candidates Standard 10: Preparation for Learning to Create a Supportive, Healthy Environment for Student Learning EDTE 190 health subject matter, pedagogy, and creating a supportive, health environment for student learning are aligned with the Health Framework for California Public Schools (California Department of Education, 1994 and 2003) and the Challenge Standards for Student Success: Health (California Department of Education, 1998), National Health Education Standards (Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards, 1998). Course Objectives
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greensheet spr 2010 - San Jose State University EDTE 190...

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