Midterm - English 100wb Prof. Hessler 11/8/2008 Midterm...

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English 100wb Prof. Hessler 11/8/2008 Midterm Part I 1. Law and economic success are closely related, specifically common law fosters more economic prosperity than that of civil law because of its tendency to protect intellectual property rights, its laws that are built on precedent instead of strict, specific rules, and its inherent flexibility. 2. There are a few “strands of logic’ being used in this article: a. Comparison and Contrast i. The author compares civil law to common law throughout the second column ii. The use of like in the first paragraph to compare physician testing for heart disease with Capitalism testing for successful economic platforms iii. The U.S. and Britain’s stock market to Germany and France’s iv. Companies going public in India and Brazil v. Use of the word “causing” at the end of the first column to compare different countries and the strains that the differences are causing vi. The use of “similar” at the beginning of the second paragraph of column three to compare the tensions of the world trade disputes with legal differences in separate countries b. Illustration i. The word “example” is used at the end of column two to show how investors are uncertain of their property rights in civil law countries
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ii. Illustration is used in the first paragraph when speaking about tests that physicians do for people with heart disease to help paint a picture of how capitalism is testing different laws and economic structures in countries across
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Midterm - English 100wb Prof. Hessler 11/8/2008 Midterm...

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