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Working Bibliography Overview : This assignment is intended to give you an incentive to dive right in and start your research. It also gives you practice using MLA bibliographic format. Finally, it gives me a chance to assess your progress and help you assess your sources. I might also have some sources to give/lend from my bookshelves or voluminous clippings file. Requirements : At least ten sources related to your research topic. At least 3 different kinds of sources (books; articles from newspapers, magazines, journals; websites from reputable organizations (not hobbyists or polemicists), personal interviews with relevant experts At least one source published within the last 6 months, none older than 10 years. Call it Working Bibliography, not Works Cited, but use MLA format otherwise (see page 54 in your text for a model and the website cited below)
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Unformatted text preview: Must be typed! Due Date: For details on how to use MLA format, go to this website: owl/resource/747/01/ Works Cited (from the OWL site) "Blueprint Lays Out Clear Path for Climate Action." Environmental Defense Fund. Environmental Defense Fund , 8 May 2007. Web. 24 May 2009. Clinton, Bill. Interview by Andrew C. Revkin. Clinton on Climate Change. New York Times . New York Times, May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009. Dean, Cornelia. "Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet." New York Times . New York Times, 22 May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009. Ebert, Roger. "An Inconvenient Truth." Rev. of An Inconvenient Truth , dir. Davis Guggenheim. . Sun-Times News Group, 2 June 2006. Web. 24 May 2009....
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