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bus140 exam1 - gun-— B140 Trimester Exam 1 for the 1:30...

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Unformatted text preview: gun-— B140 Trimester Exam 1 for the 1:30 PM Class Fall Of 2008 Answer each of the following 25 questions to the best of your ability. Mark that answer that you think is correct based on the course’s readings, videos, and class discussion. \\ 1 This is the exam for the 1:30 PM class. (Tru False) 2 Doing at least six homework assignments is a course requirement. ([email protected]/s/e\p 3 Who did the text say asked: “Who is our customer“), What is value to the customer?, What will our business be?, and what should it be?” a. Adam Smith b. Frederick Taylor 0’ Alfred P. Sloan (1. Come Dave, none of the above did 2 V€l€t Wows! 4 The purpose of the One Sixth Perspective story was: a. to stress the need for product goods ofthe highest possible quality b. to point out that success in manufacturing depends on getting the most out of your human resources c. to support Wick Skinner’s argument that a low cost manufacturing strategy is the key to corporate A success La Come on Dave, it wasn’t any of the above 5 The Organization level Process level, Job Level approach introduced in chapter one is a means used to l implement strategy. (@Ealse) 6 The text stated that value is subjective. ((Truegalse) 7 An order winner is ' n element of the value equation that dominates all of the other elements of the value equation. (Tru 8 When the folks at McDonald’s accepted the focus groups” findings that its Big Mac hamburgers were not as tasty as the burgers of others, what elements of the value equation did they seek to improve? a. freshness- ml' 5. 9/,» (A «A “Ive git/W» b\ functionality c. aesthetics d. Come on Dave, it was both a and b 9 When a firm has short design lead times. it is said to be fast to market. ,(@False) \ _l 0 What product did Clayton Christensen use to explain why some market leaders are “blind sided” by a competitor using a new approach to challenge the market leader’s competitive position? (Q Diesel railroad locomotives b. Fork lifts c. DVDs d. Come on Dave, it wasn’t any of the above 11 At the start of Chapter 3, the text showed a smiling frog soaking in a cup of near boiling water. Which G does this picture most relate to? a. Growth b. Global @ Green ‘52.... . _ am,“ 12 Which G is most associated in the text with Peter Senge? . Green C?) Growth c. Global d. Come on Dave, Peter Senge invented the double cheeseburger. 13 Using the CZARP framework, Patagonia most likely would be placed in the 3rd or 4th campalse) __14 Which OM Toolkit tool did the text used to illicit possible causes of global warming? statistical sampling ‘ i/ control charts 9 c. ' cause and effect diagrams (1. walk around management _15 What did McDon u and Braungan used to illustrate a product made entirely out of a biological nutrient? Ter (artifical redwood dec ing) a b. an Apple i-phone @ a beer can d. none of the above \ __16 lThe video titled 122 Steps, which performance metric was not used? /@ the time it took to go from chip to ingot “ @he total distance traveled from start to finish l the number ofindividuals involved in a parts manufacture d. the time it took to go from start to finish /'\, 17 In the text, a project is sometimes called “the maximum flow problem." (TrueglEe/Y 18 A good manufactured in a job shop is more likely to spend less ti ‘ ' e start to finish manufacturing time than the same good manufactured on an assembly line. (Tm) 19 In the process choice video, they used a car assembly line to illustrate line production. (True/False) 20 Ifa plant’s charter is to make a large number ofitems, usually in small batches, then ajob shop should be used. (True/False) 21 The distance apart travels will be longer if made in a job shop than it would be if made on an assembly line. (True/False) \ 22 In class, Denzler said that customer profiling was illegal. (True/False) 23 Which item from the OM Toolkit did the text use to illustrate the process that sought to discover “Why Big Macs Don’t taste As Good?” Aa\ Histograms ’ ‘Benchmarking c. Cause and Effect Diagram d, \ Espionage K 4 _2 TheEg/ersollaliaml Video showed how one firm used a manufacturing cell to minimize product design lead ‘ time. (True/False) ‘ “ ;2/5 The use ofconcurrent product development teams invariably results in higher product design and development costs. (True/{am} \/ SUBJECTIVE SCORE INSTRUCTOR USE ONLY FAR-r1 — © - fig _ 332’ ml); — a0 a: — mo gg (T) (F) KEY "‘11 :3 £04,; :2: :3: :5: A ‘0 . . . ‘ m , g; 1 ¢ :3: EC] CD3 CE: 2 3% E N «O o x 1 g ‘5“ 2 :A: 1-D- :C: :D: :E: % gfi g 5” r- 20 \ 3 3 :A: :3: EC: *5 :E: F.‘ a; E ‘6' 1:: 4 EA: :3: EC: * :E1 5’ g! E 5. n1 1,- , Z 3: 5 * :B: :c: [on :E: m E. a jg b < ‘ g 6 .A. :31 cc: LB: :5: t g! ,. I. 7 :AJ * EC: :0: :E: 1‘ \7 ‘ _ ff 8 :A: :3: EC: * EEII I g a g 9 9*: :5: EC: ED: :E: O “ :D 10 4* EB: EC: EDI! EEJ 89,2 :6; -l 7‘0 0:) g: u > m: 1303 1,2; z 02’. [E121 co — -| I“ —: 0 9° “1 aw ms in?“ Q man 0: O—w 393° Om 32",, E *3 31m —(‘“ 4") 33E 2‘" :12 - r: "m m: 05' 35“: :52 24> '57 “g. c2 °<n :1 3g "1:! §z " fi <‘D 'u E. = fi lOHf‘QnS )— NOLLOEIHIG SIHJ. 033:! —> 3-888 "ON WHOd @NOHLNVDS OOIHEd A7NO SNIHOVW QNIHOOS 1831 N0 38f? HOd E 'U a 6' > 2:0 2 _| :u -| Em ; I; % a", 80 _ m :D " 30 i8 r? g”)? 8 80 "2 3 3|— 0 0’— '02 cm } 3 ~0aysmmu-cmmrommm, winme widnth:5cumn Tut Seating 0 —— Muddncudwmdbyhnuun’llm 6Q ‘— gmnuwfnumbilhy. - -kxminfnmudnnonmingyu'ru Scaring Mndline fm Smdcnt Bunion Ballots, all BOD—M76 x 7777. o ...
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