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Dr. Soo Choi Anth 146 Midterm Essay 1 10/11/08 Genocide and the State’s Responsibility Since the evolution of man, human beings have sewn the ground to the sun . This ancient Persian proverb translates into having a significant progress and accomplishment by man. Humans are constantly seeking ways to evolve into greater and more advanced people on daily basis. Many of those folks who want to take action and seek changes will make their way to becoming government officials in order to work for the state. These people consist of the most aggressive individuals of the nation, and they are usually hard- headed and know what they meant. State officials begin to desire for changes so incredibly bad that they are willing to do whatever it cost to achieve. The goal is to make decisions for the nation in order for everyone to benefit; however, many times a minority of people can be left out stirring up conflicts. It is difficult to predict the extent of conflicts, but in the most extremist cases will a state partake in genocide. According to the New Webster’s dictionary, genocide is defined as, “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group” (Webster). Through extensive research and readings, I have studied how the state formation has created a setting for genocide of certain ethnic groups. There are many different reasons which attribute to why nations, what I consider, go to war with a specific ethnic group among their country. As each nation seems to seek progression, their intercultural conflicts arise as a nation may create divisions among people. In most cases this happens inevitably, because it our human nature to categorize. Categorizing is the act of drawing distinctions and
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differences in our personal encounters with strangers. One dimension of acculturation is when people generally like to separate from the native crowd and assimilate with the host group, and, ultimately abandoning the value to maintain original cultural identity. In an essence of a state’s actions leading to genocide, the most universal problem which comes to my mind within a nation is a hierarchical society versus and egalitarianism society. It is the states responsibility to establish a government which represents all of its citizens. The state can often have different agendas which prioritize only to their needs. Sometimes when the states determine how a nation should be operated, their decisions may be excellent for a chosen group of people, but not the feasible tactic that would be best for everyone. There are always going to be disputes with at least two opposing views, and states must learn to cope with. The ideal peaceful nation will follow the egalitarian approach where everyone generally has a voice that can is considered equal; similar to the democratic theory. However, a state will establish a hierarchical society where the power rests in the hands
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MT essay 1 - Dr. Soo Choi Anth 146 Midterm Essay 1 10/11/08...

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