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Community Project - 1 Objective and/or mission of the...

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NuFS 139 Community Service Project In this class, we will be focusing on issues surrounding hunger and poverty. This project will give you an opportunity to become involved in your community and better understand people who are in need locally. Choose one agency where you would like to volunteer. Your volunteer work can be with any organization or group that gives back to the community. Contact the agency, communicate with the individual who will be your supervisor and schedule your volunteering hours with the agency. You will be volunteering at least 12 hours at the same agency. Write a 2-3 page (type written) paper. Each time you visit, write one paragraph on your reflections for that day. You will find agency names at http://www.sjsu.edu/ccll/students/CurrentService/Community-Hum_serv/ . For further assistance, please visit the Center for Community Learning and Leadership in Clark Hall 203 or contact them at 924-3540. *Include the following information in your Community Service paper.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Objective and/or mission of the agency. 2. Briefly, describe why the agency was started and how long it has been operating. 3. Describe how the agency is funded. 4. Description the job you did each visit. Who did you serve? 5. Include reflections from each visit. 6. Describe the project’s impact on the target population. How did this experience influence your understanding of the importance of this program in the local community? 7. Attach this page with supervisor’s signature *See Grading Rubric for specifics This is to certify that __________________________________ volunteered for at least 12 hours (name of student) at ___________________________________________. (name of agency) Name of supervisor: ___________________________________ Signature of supervisor: ________________________________ Phone number: _______________________________________ Hunger and Environmental Nutrition...
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