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Azad John Sepassi May 6, 2009 English 1B Professor Draegan Essay 3 Draft Recently our class has gone through a micro-journey through a new method of viewing research and gathering information. At first, there was a negative consensus among the class about this project. It seemed to be tedious, long, and just too much. Fortunately, slowly and steadily, as we journeyed on, people turned around because they saw bigger pictures being formed. One of the bigger pictures I noticed during the primary steps of this project with my group was stemmed off of a very basic theme from our seed text. With in the seed text, whether it was the author’s view, Dewey’s or Bloom’s view, there was an overall emphasis on the absolute importance of education in American society. It is a statement and theme which I completely agree with. But the issue I found with it was the contradiction presented through our political system. Education, as important as it is supposed to be, is seemingly always the first sacrificial lamb offered when our “economy god” calls for a reduction in spending. What does this mean? As a nation we value monetary security, and more often than not we sacrifice the long term well being of our nation for the short term benefits that our politicians promise. This is a crucial flaw in our society. An issue that needs to be addressed, a conflict that needs to be high lighted, people need to be informed and enlightened. I plan to conduct research and become more informed on this issue so that I can efficiently
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translate the information to my audience to inform them. My essay should end with a call to action because in our country, politicians key in to two things, votes and money. This project interests me for many reasons. First of all, I consider myself to be a hypocrite which is ironic because I hate hypocrites. Therefore a nation that emphasizes education but cuts funding for it left and right is hypocritical and earns its spot in my essay. Also, I’m curious as to what motivates politicians to cut education funding when it
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essay 3 draft - Azad John Sepassi May 6 2009 English 1B...

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