Test 3 Spr10 - METR 113, ENV. SCI. 113 Test 3 Name: April...

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METR 113, ENV. SCI. 113 Name: Test 3 April 29, 2010 You must answer numbers 1, 2 and 3. Answer 7 of the remaining 9 and clearly mark which 2 you do not want me to grade. 1. Assume a simple box model, with constant source and sink. If the residence time of CO 2 in the atmosphere is 100 years and the present concentration is 350 ppmv, what would be the loss rate of CO 2 in years (5 points)? The half-life of 222 Rn is 3.8 days. If the concentration is 1 pCi/l (1 picocurie per liter), how long would it take to reach a concentration of .125 pCi/l assuming that no new source of 222 Rn is introduced (5)? 2. Describe tobacco smoke and the kinds of cigarette smoke (2 points). Name at least 3 health effects due to long-term cigarette smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke (6 points). Name 2 chemical components of cigarette smoke (2 points). 3. Describe the Earth’s energy box (i.e. radiative-equilibrium model) (3 points). Describe in words how one would calculate the equilibrium temperature corresponding to an energy balance (7 points, 5 extra credit points if you can write the equation).
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4. What is the source of radon (3 points), how does radon enter the home (3 points)?
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Test 3 Spr10 - METR 113, ENV. SCI. 113 Test 3 Name: April...

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