evaluation - Comm20 Pardoe After watching my video I felt...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-10-06 Comm20 Pardoe After watching my video, I felt that I my speech covered the 5 minutes nicely. As far as content, I also felt that presenting my visual aid to the class was one of my strengths. In organization, I did fairly well in numbering my transitions and including my main points and sub-points. I could have done a much better job at walking into my points casually. During the end of my speech, I forgot to repeat the question that was asked. I also could have used some more time to practice my speech. I need to decide whether or not I will be using notes when giving the speech, because I glanced over at a table where I placed my notes quite frequently. The main comparison that stands out between the two speeches was that I knew what I was going to exactly speak about better than when I gave the informative speech. I also used note cards for my tribute speech. I found myself moving around a lot more in the informative speech. In some ways, it made me come off as I was nervous. ...
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