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MajorLec1S10 - I Overview of Sess 3 S10 II Research vs...

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I. Overview of Sess. 3 S10 II. Research vs. review article A. Research article 1. One common general form a. Abstract b. Introduction c. Materials and Methods d. Results (includes Figures with Legends & Tables with Annotations) e. Discussion f. References 2. Title, Abstract, Figs. with Legends & Tables with Annotations key to reading, and Figs. etc. to writing B. Review articles 1. No consistent general form 2. One approach for longer review a. Title Page b. Table of Contents (Outline) c. Abstract d. Introduction e. Selected subtopics
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f. Summary (but we will call it Conclusion(s)) g. References (include ref. title) 3. A shorter review, especially if it includes newly published data by the author so it can be more like research article (e.g. “hybrid review/research” article) III. Major Assignment: How to start A. Check out most recent reviews in Review volumes (at SJSU Library including online) 1. General a. Try Google Scholar http://libguides.sjsu.edu/content.php?
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