298 Written Assignment 4 Fall 2009 Directions_Word doc version

298 Written Assignment 4 Fall 2009 Directions_Word doc version

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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work ScWk 298 Fall 2009 Edward Cohen, Ph.D. Written Assignment #4 Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology Due: Monday 11/30/09 by email Please write in no more than 15 (double spaced) pages total: *** The title page, abstract, references, and appendices ARE NOT included in the page limit. Note: see p. 4 for the correct APA heading styles. I. TITLE PAGE – use required format as shown in Syllabus II. Your REVISED INTRODUCTION including the appropriate components [recommended 3 to 4 pages] (2 points). III. Your REVISED LITERATURE REVIEW including the appropriate components [recommended 4 to 5 pages] (5 points) IV. Your METHODS [recommended 5 to 6 pages] (10 points). Make sure to include only the relevant content under the correct categories (i.e. don’t include sampling information in your Research Design section): Research Design – Identifying and describing the specific design or method for the quantitative and/or qualitative components of your study, i.e., cross-sectional survey research, classical experimental design, phenomenology, ethnography, etc. Sampling – Identifying and describing: 1. Sampling frame, specific sampling method with procedures (i.e., simple random sampling, convenience sampling, etc.), and your anticipated sample size 2. Demographic description, in general, of your prospective participants 3. Study Site – Identifying and describing where your study will take place B. Variables and Measurement, and/or Themes - Including: 1. Operational definition for all quantifiable variables (including controls) and/or description of qualitative themes consistent with your study’s model. 2. Description of quantitative and/or qualitative instruments, for example, a detailed description of the survey and example items for a quantitative measure, and/or the questions asked in an interview. Include how you will be coding variables (including dummy variables). For evaluation studies with two group designs, describe how you will be coding the treatment variable (e.g. “…the experimental group will be coded 1 and the comparison group will be coded 0.”) 1
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3. Also include a discussion about the reliability and validity of these instruments, and/or procedures for establishing the credibility, trustworthiness, and verification for qualitative data. No need to repeat what’s already covered in your
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298 Written Assignment 4 Fall 2009 Directions_Word doc version

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