PSYC 135 test 1 supplement

PSYC 135 test 1 supplement - 2 Approximately how far is it...

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PSYC 135, TEST 1, S 10 NAME:____________________________________________ SHORT ANSWER: 45. What is the cause of the blind spot in the human eye? 46. What are the two major theories of color vision? 47. What did the visual search experiment from the online web site demonstrate? 48. In a short essay explain either how we perceive the pitch or the location of sound. Whichever one you choose, be sure to explain both mechanisms involved. If you need more space either write on the back of this page or, if you addition sheets of paper, be sure to put your name on each. Extra Credit: 1. Name at least three current justices of the Supreme Court.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Approximately how far is it from LA to New York (as the crow flies)? 3. When was the Constitution of the United States signed? Course Feedback Do not put your name on this page. Turn it in separately from your test. 1. Is the pace of the material in class (1) too slow, (2) about right, (3) too fast? 2. What do you like most about the course, if anything? 3. What do you like least about the course? 4. Are there any particular topics or activities that you would like to see added to the course. 5. Any other comments or suggestions that you think might help me improve the course...
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PSYC 135 test 1 supplement - 2 Approximately how far is it...

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