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SOC 104 – Spring 2010 DUE DATE Quantitative Research Methods SPSS Research Report Your final assignment is about self esteem and variables that affect it. In the process of exploring these relationships you will use all of the skills you have learned in completing your SPSS exercises this semester. This assignment is worth 50 points. Specifically, in this assignment you will be looking at how a several independent variables (marital status, race, and age) affect a dependent variable, people’s self esteem. For two of the independent variables, marital status and race, you will explore the relationship further by throwing a third variable into the mix - sex. To successfully complete this assignment you must: Download the Final Research Report Dataset. The data are available on the class web page and can be downloaded following the directions from SPSS EX1 . Each student must download his or her own dataset and should give it a new name. The data set, in original form, is called spring2010_RRdataset Create a Codebook. The codebook will include all the variables you have used, even if you only used the variables to transform them into another variable (except age) , or created in this assignment. Use the information from the dataset to help you determine, variable names, the approximate wording of the questions (you will have to use a little creative license here9, values, and value names. Note that you do not need to enter in frequencies or percentages on this version of the codebook. (See SE2 and Lecture 11 ) Create a Self Esteem Index. The index will come from the six self esteem variables provided in the dataset and should have scores ranging from 1-4 where a score of 4 indicates high self esteem and a score of 1 indicates low self esteem. Note
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SOCI104FINALREPORT_UDL_2010 - SOC 104 Spring 2010...

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