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Common Errors Rubric _______ Commas _______ Commas with coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) _______ Overuse of infinitives (“to …”) Example: to sleep, to study, to walk, etc. _______ Passive Voice (When the subject is acted upon) Wordy: African tribal masks are often imitated by Western sculptors. Better: Western sculptors often imitate African tribal masks. _______ Subject/Verb agreement (when the subject and verb endings agree) Wrong: The student and the instructor works long hours. Correct: The student and the instructor work long hours. _______ Semicolons or Colons _______ Tense shifts (present/past tense consistent) _______ Point of view shifts (1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd person) _______ Pronoun/Antecedents - Pronouns must agree in person and number (singular or plural)
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Unformatted text preview: -Antecedents used correctly. No misuse of words or groups of words to which pronouns refer. Wrong way: Everyone can present their own viewpoint. _______ Vague pronoun reference (the proverbial “they”) _______ Quotation mark usage _______ Ending sentence with a preposition (of, to, which, etc.) _______ Apostrophes _______ Sentence fragments (an incomplete sentence) _______ Run-on sentences _______ Overuse of “that” _______ Inappropriate capitalization _______ Better word choices (i.e., “thing”, “good”, “nice”, etc.) _______ Redundancy of ideas, phrases, or words _______ Cluttered writing (i.e., too many nouns per sentence, overly long sentences, unnecessary words or phrases)...
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Comm._100W_common_errors_rubric - -Antecedents used...

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