AAS33B 01-08 Franks - (More in book) But not how it affects...

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(More in book) But not how it affects the Indigenous people (Indians, Opium War in China)??? *Think about whether or not Reconstruction was a success or failure? (no right or wrong answer, but be able to argue)??? January 08, 2008 Franks America, 1900-1945 and American Democracy? Part II Agenda 1. Interest Groups 2. Political Parties Video *Bring Greenberg and Page for Group Exercise on Chapter 8 (Social {Women, Civil, Evangelical, etc.} movements – descriptive in Jones also) Tomorrow *Might be useful for paper – Afternoon Gov. Schwarzenegger giving state Address (How we being governing on state level-so something will be cut back)…Our economy… *Urge to read Interest Groups on CA Politics in Gerston and Christiansen. 1. Interest Groups Pluralism Can this competition be weighted on the basis of wealth, race, gender, etc. (Check and balance-will have to see…). Can it be distorted democracy? So have to be analytical of these Interest groups: Sierra Club – Environmentalist MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) – People opposed to drunk driving Chamber of Commerce (every town/city has one) – represents (usually independent) Business People Doctors would be opposed to Universal Healthcare (financed by the government) AMA (American Medical Association)–Physicians NRA (National Rifle Organization – one of the scariest organizations)- Gun Toters AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) - Elderly NAACP (National American Association for Colored People) 1910
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1930 JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) – Japanese American CEA (CA Education Association) – Community College teachers in CA CTA (CA Teacher Association) – K-12 Teachers Prison Guards -So Unions represent these Interest Groups By joining a group, maybe they can influence and inform public policy, members Now the bad side of this… So let’s say (SCCDA) Santa Clara County Development Association – wants to influence my votes- so send representatives of the organization called Lobbyists Every one of these organizations has PACs (Political Action Committee) – who pay for Lobbyists (Money may distort the process) Lobbyists for Conservative Interest Groups are not likely to invite Hilary Clinton or Democrats State Legislatures and Congress Can be influence by these Interest groups, but wealthy
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AAS33B 01-08 Franks - (More in book) But not how it affects...

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