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Spring 10 syllabus - San Jos State University School of...

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San José State University MC 72 Mass Communications and Society Spring 2010 General Information Instructor: Stephen Eckstone, Ph.D. Office location: DBH 204 Telephone: 408-971-1136 Email for assignments: Personal Email: mcom72@drxtone.com stephen.eckstone@sjsu.edu Office hours: Mondays 5:30-6:00 pm and by arrangement Class days/time: Mondays 6:00-8:45 pm Classroom: DBH 133 Prerequisites: None Required Text: Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication . Richard Campbell. Bedford/St. Martin’s, NY. 8th edition 2009 (Note: There is a newer edition. We will adjust to suit either edition. Course Description: This course provides a series of perspectives on communication and mass media developed through lectures, screenings, readings, discussions, and exercises. The course will follow three lines of content: one will look at the role the media plays in the construction of identity, particularly for those between the ages of 18-24. Another focus will be on the interplay between media and individual civic responsibility and action. The third thread will explore and analyze the use of signs and symbols in the culture. Of particular importance is for you to consider how the ideas being considered relate to your own life experiences and the vibrancy of the society in which you live. Format: The basis of our class approach is a mix of lectures, small group and individual exercises. Course content is cumulative in nature and it is important that you keep pace with the on-going work assignments. There will be three exams in this course. Page 1 of 7
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Student Learning Objectives incorporated in this class: Objective 1: Students shall be able to demonstrate an understanding of the influences of media on human behavior. Objective 2: Students shall be able to demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of groups in a global society in relationship to the role of media. Objective 3: Students shall be able to express ideas effectively, including ideas encountered in multiple readings and expressed in different forms of discourse. Objective 4: Students shall be able to think critically, creatively and independently about issues involving mass media research. Objective 5: Students shall be able to conduct research, apply basic numerical and statistical concepts and evaluate information by methods appropriate to the communications professions. Objective 6: Students shall be able to apply tools and technologies appropriate for the communications professions. Objective 7: Understand and apply the principles and laws of freedom of speech and press, including the right to dissent, to monitor and criticize power, and to assemble and petition for redress of grievances. Objective 8:
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Spring 10 syllabus - San Jos State University School of...

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