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Page 1 of 3 SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing NURS 148: Nursing Practicum V – 3 units COURSE DESCRIPTION Independent, precepted experience with a wide range of clients in a variety of settings. Use a systems approach to research, leadership management, theory and beginning clinical proficiency, in collaboration with other health care members. PREREQUISITE Completion of Semester 7; all non-RNs must successfully pass NURS 101B. COREQUISITE COURSES NURS 128 and NURS 138 COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the course, the student will: 1. integrate previous nursing curriculum content and process using systems theory in providing safe care to beginning professional caseload with minimal supervision; 2. assume responsibility/accountability for patient outcomes; 3. practice safely at all times, and take corrective actions when situation warrants; 4. use appropriate research terminology to critique research articles relating to nursing practice; 5. use critical thinking to solve problems and make decisions; 6. apply research findings, reflecting flexibility and adaptability to a changing health care environment, to clinical practice; 7 evaluate the effect of cultural differences for both staff members and clients when implementing therapeutic nursing interventions; 8. collaborate with instructor and preceptor in evaluating own professional performance; 9. demonstrate the ability to manage a beginning patient/client assignment expected of a new baccalaureate registered nurse; 10. demonstrate beginning case mgt/ leadership skills, to coordinate care across settings; 11. utilize the concepts of spousal, elder and child abuse with clients in a variety of settings; 12. communicate effectively verbally and in writing with clients, families, peers, caregivers, multidisciplinary health care members, and faculty; 13. describe how multidisciplinary health care workers are utilized in agency client care management;
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N148_Greensheet - Page 1 of 3 SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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