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Global Dimensions of Business November 4, 2008 Charles Martin in Uganda 1) Ugandan culture is very different than that in America. Nepotism and bribery are very common and will affect the business decisions in Uganda. Also there are strong religious groups that need to be dealt with carefully if a company is going to move in. 2) I believe that James Green is an ethnocentric businessman. He does not want to adapt to the culture of the country he is moving into. He wants to bring and use his own culture in Uganda, which sometimes cannot be done. Charles Martin is polycentric and respects other cultures. Martin is the opposite of Green. Martin wants to learn and adapt to the present culture of Uganda. 3) I think Green is right from his point of view for religious purposes but from a business
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Unformatted text preview: point of view Martin is right. If Martin had not done what he had done the project would not have been completed on time. Martin had to pay the government officials to speed up the process and he had to appease the local native tribes. If Martin had not done all these things then Green would be much angrier because the project would not have been finished on time. 4) I think Martin would be a good person for the job if Green wants to have the project finished on time. If a different person is hired they will have to build all the relationships that Martin already has. Also the new person would not pay for speedy service, which would prolong the project and actually waste more money due to time. Martin already has the relationships needed to complete the project efficiently....
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