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Unformatted text preview: READINGS PACKET FOR HUMAN SEXUALITY 140 Dr. Carol C. Mukhopadhyay FALL 2008-2009 The Course Reader articles referred to in the Syllabus-Assigned Readings, and described below in the Table of Contents for the hardcopy of the Course Reader, are also available on-line in the Anth 140 Library at: [use lower case for the web-link] On-line Library articles are organized primarily by the Authors Name. So you will need to know the Author Name to access the article. Any exceptions are noted in the Table of Contents below. Some Course Reader items, such as R-10, The Politics of Reproduction, consist of several articles or readings. To find the authors in the On-Line Library, go to the bottom of this Table of Contents and youll see a list of the authors/readings for each Course Reader Item. Once you have the authors name [or equivalent] for any assigned reading, go to the on-line data base, find the Author Name, click on it, enter the password [ safesex ] and the article will appear. You will need Adobe Reader to down load the article. You should be able to download it free from this or other websites. Again, the Password to access each article is [lower case]: safesex COURSE READER ITEM PAGE NUMBER in print version R-1. Shostak, M. ,Nisa: Life and Words of a !Kung Woman . (selections) 1-37B R-2. Gray & Wolfe. An Anthropological Look at Human Sexuality 38-60 L ook Under: Masters and Johnson , An Anthropological Look R-3. Small, Meredith. Whats Love Got to Do with It. 61-64 R-4. Blackwood, E. Breaking the Mirror. 65-77 R-5. Freeman, David. The Aggressive Egg. 78-81 R-6. Rowland, Robyn. Decoding Reprospeak. . 82-85 R-7. Ansley, David. Sperm Tales. 86-88 R-8. Williams, Patricia J. Uncommon Ground 88A AND. Davis, A. Racism, Birth Control, and Reproductive Rights. 89-98 R-9. Population Issues [See list of articles below] 99-100B R-10. The Politics of Reproduction [various articles ; see list below ] 109-114B & 185-187 R-11. Mukhopadhyay, If Race Doesnt Exist, what are we Seeing, From Mukhopadhyay, Henze & Moses, How Real is Race? 101-108 R-12. Fried, M. Beyond Abortion: Transforming the Pro-Choice MovementR-12....
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CReader On-Line Version - READINGS PACKET FOR HUMAN...

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